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(Because you put feed in a bag unless you're Hongdukei. He puts feed on his back.)

I figured I would start a thread with my musings of this game. Just a little background about me.

~ I play maybe 5 ~7 hrs a week. I don't have time to play more than that.
~ I study all hypers and popular and unpopular strategies.
~ I play to win.
~ I've played NA HU since closed alpha. I've known about HU a year before that.
~ I'm on discord though I'm more likely to be in voice chat with some people.
~ I try to do my part helping the community in some behind-the-scenes stuff.
~ I can fill any role but assassin. I tend to play tank~bruiser or specialist.
~ I don't like time/money sinks.
~ I also don't like trolls/bullies.

Now to my feedbag. It's not in any order and will likely expand as I think more deeply in my experience.

Truly Positive things
~ HU isn't that hard to learn. Probably takes a few solid hours to get muscle memory in your skills/dash for a given character.
~ You can really see skill level with time investment on hypers you play/see played. This means: easy to learn, rewarding to master.
~ Graphics +++ low cpu requirements +++
~ Since we are likely getting the KR version w/o gameplay changes, it's good to see the feedback that we voiced as the game is localized was implemented in the KR version and lands on our tables in due time.
~ Controller support (and it's good... enough). Gets a little sketchy around ladders (dropping down ladders when you press any direction but up).
~ Average match times are bearable. (15 ~30 mins).
~ Many of the alternate skins are nice.
~ Character variety albeit, mostly bipedal humanoids.
~ Escaping is a rewarding art.
~ Team fights and coordination decide everything.
~ Spring animations!!!
~ Cube events.... BEST. THING. EVER! (especially when you aren't forced to win matches to get cubes).

Mixed Feedbag
~ There is no point where specialists and strikers are weak. Early game is cut short by the mountain of power you can build early and the safeness of ranged attacks.
~ Similarly there are no environmental faculties/temporary buffs that reduce/block ranged damage. With attack on-hit debuffs for ranged attacks and the fact the most ranged attacks hit harder than melee characters (and likely faster), the gap between the risk of play a squishy ranged attacker is moved closer to safe glass cannon. While the already risky melee is made that much more difficult in engagement. CC is supposed to the be equalizer, but ends up being the trump card.
~ CC Chains and CC reduction/resistance. There just aren't enough equipment that provide meaningful resistance/immunity to CC especially if you in the middle of a CC Chain. Once a chain starts, dps has free ranged to melt you and there's nothing you can do about it.... except use Soul Orb or hope Eternal Ice Crystal can save you.
~ Soul Orb on Zet (anyone really) is annoying and annoyingly better than any of the res timer reduction armors, Martyr's Shroud and Divine Plae (which no one uses). I would like to see these equipment balanced. No one specs towards death. Everyone specs towards prolonging life.
~ While not everyone will use all equipment, we do have some unpopular equipment (the above res armors). I can add to the list Neurostim band, nano-tech band, precision rail gun, traitor's sword (for the risk factor), and probably Silver hyper ring. I just hope the neglected equipment get some love. I can probably post a whole thread about them.
~ Tanking takes a while (late-early game ~ mid game) to get online.
~ Tower. Attack. Range. Indicator. TARI please.
~ 2+ player training mode and the ability to test against minions.
~ There's rewards for people to participate in stream. For us worker bees, all we have is the game. I would like to see some engagement with the community ingame (even the discord community if there isn't anything for them already). I mean, so of us have things to do and it really sucks missing out on cool things because I'm working, playing the game, or doing things on the forum/wiki/other community platform.
~ Team fights and coordination decide everything.

Positive things (....opposite day)
~ Hypers in their respective roles are not balanced or miscategorized (Gelimer is an outlier tank. TnT is deceptively difficult relative to his star level and the rest of the bruisers. Allen isn't a specialist, Ryta isn't a striker.
~ Lack of announcer choice (Korean option please).
~ Request right analog stick ping control on the minimap.
~ Ally AI is worse than starting a team 3 v 4. I really don't know why enemy AI consistently out perform allied AI.
~ Allow the choosing of AI partners in solo vs AI matches. As it stands, due to the slot the player starts in, they (the player) really can't play a tank-type player as the 4th slot always picks a tank. Alternatively, just letting the player pick the role/slot to start in to allow the AI to fill in the gaps would also work.
~ Cube and gold acquisition is a mess. It's a horrendously slow time sink. Too much gold is going towards things you don't control or to correct things you had no control (building samples).
~Hyper cores will be the undoing of this game. An unnecessary, RNG barrier in addition to the existing unnecessary, artificial barriers to get content that in a simple sense should be earned through play or unlocked with gold (and inevitably real money). This point connects with the following.
~ Account and hyper levels means nothing. I've long suggested that at certain milestones the player gets a free loadout and, at a minimum, a skin sample at certain hyper levels, and an emote.
~ As for the account level, 500 gold... that lets me synth some bits or samples 10 times. ~_~. IDK... just seems pretty lousy especially if you are a new player with little to nothing unlocked. 1k would be nice or even 5k at different milestones like every 10 levels or something (though 5k on top of the 500 per level we get would be 1k per level which I could set for even if not delved out per level). I lose a lot in pvp, so I don't know the rate of gold I get on a win (I really see in the 300s or lower). Basically, getting gold at the rate it is right now sucks. It's only worse for people that aren't founders. I have fewer things to buy as a founder but still at the mercy of low gold gain rates. I was told we got hyper coupons at certain account milestones. I can't confirm this.
~ The crit dmg reduction items, IMO, should decrease damage by more than the one that raises said damage. 20% off the 50% bonuses just isn't even half of the effect and is negated by Dragon's Bane. 30% would be a nice number as to not negate crits.
~ Story points do nothing. Why have an "achievement system" when not even 10% of the achievements provide a reward, and those that do, are of the easiest missions to do?
~ My only SJW feedback. Michelle furthers the "angry Black woman" trope. I see that as a missed opportunity for our KR friends to connect with Brown persons (as a Brown person myself). Still waiting on the angry... any other female character.. oh that's not a thing. I mean, Victoria could have been a Brown person... just saying (might have been more effective if she was a not-so-white catholic latina). So few and the only brown persons in this game are angry-looking things (Wukong, Mr. Pots, Gulunova,... Lin) I suppose if I could Sapitelbub in the range of Brownness he's smiling... but he's also a devilboy... Guess I'll wait for skin palette swaps. Mind you, I love Michelle along with meus amigos Brasilieros mas, would be nice to not see this trope over and over again.
~ Team fights and coordination decide everything.

I'll stop for now. Will pick up later.