Steam Free Weekend December 15!

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Hey Hypers,

For the holidays this season, we’re happy to announce our very first Steam free WEEKEND starting on the 15th of December.


Pacific: Dec 15 10:00AM PST to Dec 20 10:00AM PST
Eastern: Dec 15 1:00PM EST to Dec 20 1:00PM EST
Brazil: Dec 15 4:00PM BRST to Dec 20 4:00PM BRST
London: Dec 15 18:00 GMT to Dec 20 18:00 GMT

For a short time, Hyper Universe will be free on Steam. This means that all of your friends can now hop in and log 120 hours of intense Hyper Universe action. For Free.

This will be the LAST TEST that we are doing for the game before OFFICIAL LAUNCH. There are limited-time rewards that will be gone forever, so get in there Hypers!

-Hyper Universe Team