Current and Future Hyper pack (Suggestion/Request)

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Since launch is soon it would be hella nice to have a current and future Hyper pack for $30 bucks. The pack can be increased more to include their uniques. Still thinking about people who actually bought the founders pack, would love some ideas so drop a post.

Since mah boy is lazy and I like the idea that everyone who bought or has a founders pack gets all the current and future Hypers automatically. Credit to Yenny


You guys are going to make bank off of skins anyways B)


  • YennyYenny
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    What's up it's Yenny,

    Yeah I second this motion. As I understand it may seem a bit redundant for a founder to suggest more freebies and rewards, I feel in my own humble opinion that for what we were promised during alpha/closed beta in regards to the future of the game, many things were either under delivered or not delivered at all. Those who have been continuously supporting this game since then should receive something a little more substantial beyond a "Founder badge of honor (account portrait)" and "Exclusive entry to Hyper Universe Early Access aka. pay you guys to open beta test your game".

    After a roller coaster of of an experience we've all had with the game and the community, it would be a nice gesture if we got something out of living in a virtual ghost town for 3 months.

    Unlocking all current and future Hypers for founder's pack supporters would be amazing, but I'm also totally fine with something like a small care package of gold and hyper cores or something like that.

  • AchielAchiel
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    I third this suggestion. I'd be fine with all current and future hypers in the pack. If it helps, you guys can raise the skin prices a little to make up the difference.