Just wanted to give my overall impression

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Just off I just want to say I don't expect any feedback and I probably won't be reading any replies to this post.
I just happened to randomly find this game, I had no idea it was even out there. I was pretty excited to start playing it once did manage to find it.
Graphics aren't terrible and I could tell the artist actually cared for his work. I played the game for about 15 hours straight and I was enjoying my time.
I was about to give this game a positive review then I noticed this game had the dreaded censorship... All the hype I had for this literally went to I no longer
care at all for this game. If they censored one thing it just means they will do more in the future. I truly hope this game fails and another company picks it up.
Like other company's they are giving into the 4% of people and screwing over the other 80% while the last 16% don't care. I would say post this on Reddit to see
if they will actually stop being stupid but that would just be giving them publicity.
Hopefully they lose some of their stock market value in the hopes they might learn a lesson like EA did and their loot boxes for Stars wars.
Also noticed people asked for a toggle switch.... Makes sense to me.... Why they don't do that I HAVE NO IDEA. Seems to me like the Dev's must be a bunch of feminist's.....
RIP Nexon.