The "Surrender" Option

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I'll just post the potatoes of the topic here.

Apparently we have a surrender option when someone DCs. That's all fine and good. What we don't have is a surrender option for other scenarios. I don't I'm alone when you're playing a game where someone is just off or is outright sabotaging the game in an effort to end it faster. Or you are playing a game were anything that would equate to a win on your part doesn't happen. I'm not saying the sole purpose of playing this game is to win, but playing to win requires you to take specific actions meet specific (and likely desirable) outcomes to both improve in the game and have fun. If you cannot achieve either due to non-player-dc actions, you are effectively playing a game that is a waste of time for both parties. I think in the best case scenario, players when a challenging game where either team can win. But this isn't often the case.

To the point, a surrender option can alleviate unnecessary stress I've seen affect players that are having a bad game/day or are very salty and afk in the jungle or abandon the team. The stress is exerted on all teammates, the player that want to play it out, the enemies that want a good game, and of course the player doing these "toxic" behaviors. I'm not saying a surrender option is the best option because in most scenarios, someone that is sabotaging will end a game sooner, at least with the surrender option there is an out for people that would rather start a new game sooner and not have to prolong a bad game especially if someone would otherwise log off and leave the queue.

I've seen early surrenders and surrenders at bad times, but at least there was an option. I've seen people surrender right at the end of the terminal team fight because the game is definitely over. I've heard that steals the satisfaction of "completing" a game for the people who will win. On the other hand, a surrender option can prevent people from prolonging games where they are dominating.

I just wanted to see how people felt.


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    If someone else is ruining your game, then report them. HU just simply encourages working together instead of jumping off and quickly get another game because one person said one or two bad things. You'll never know when one toxic player early game might actually pull something off late game. There will always be these kind of games on any kind of pub games. Just deal with it.

    P.S if you're going to leave feedback, leave suggestion first.. then leave reason afterwards, makes it easier for people to understand you.