Regular Match Incentive.

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As a new player I too found AI matches comforting since I lack game mechanics, and just plain game knowledge, but there seems to be an extent where people just binge AI where they refuse to do anything else. The main issue in HU that people seem to bring up constantly is extensive Queue times. NA being the most populated, and on average I wait from the range of 15 minutes to 40 to play a regular, sometimes more.

I can side with the AI players because the community can be ruthless, and rather bossy at times. Granted some are constructive, but most of the time I feel it isn't.

Taking that leap of faith is big for some, but I feel like positive reinforcement should be administered. Like possibly bonus gold, or fulfilling like a 2 regular matches a day for a month gives you a hyper core. New players don't feel inclined to play PvP because I truly believe there is no incentive to.

You can't learn anything from bots, but possible testing and such minor things. Nothing is accomplished and frankly how is one supposed to get the real game experience when they are just limiting themselves.

I'm not sure if has been addressed in the forums. I did minor skimming as to the topic, but I feel like this could help with the variety of players. The community is pretty good for a MOBA just need to show players it's okay to suck if it means to learn from past mistakes.


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    Pretty sure this is a player base problem, theres too few new players so when they hop on to pvp they are matched with vets, if the game had more players ppl can actually be matched properly