Sharing My Thoughts/Feedback on Victoria's Nerfs

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A copy and paste of my thoughts/feedback on Victoria's nerfs from the feedback section of the Official Hyper Universe Discord.

The reasoning used to nerf her is silly, to nerf someone based on win rate while there's only around 5 people I know that play her regularly and efficiency being too high when we've got Celine, Trakakhan, and Elendis?

She's been hit too hard in my opinion to the point where I still don't see many people use Sanguine against her as well. If you ask people right now what the point of Victoria would be at this point it's just her Divine Blessing and Redemtion (Which you cannot choose who to revive with and now has a 170 second cooldown minimum). Why use Victoria when you could have Pinky or Curse Eye with far more utility or Elendis for higher healing, damage, and traps?

She's my most loved, favorite, and fun hyper to play in this game and I wasn't able to play her much before. The nerfs to her have almost completely shut me down on any chances to play her now and demotivated me on making a guide on her for so long until recently.

I wish I screenshotted my recent matches list when I desided to just spam Victoria. My average winrate with her has plummeted, I've won around 3-4 matches and lost 9-11.

I'm not too good at this stuff and I know there's better people out there to do this sort of thing but I hope it's had some affect. Thank you for reading this and have a good day! :)


  • SyR_SnOwSyR_SnOw
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    Her nerf was truly not needed.
  • JamesnificentJamesnificent
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    That's true and the fact they nerf her base on win-rate is extremely pathetic. I also love the fact that they're going to buff up curse-eye yet again even though he does not need it because he is at a perfectly good spot. People who should get a nerf is Allen's stupid ulty, Admiral W who most definitely needs a nerf, and some changes on his Q because you can't jump over that stupid move even though it doesn't even look like it's hitting people who jump, Admiral W hook (Q) should also have a shorter range because that dumb thing extends way to far and even if the tip of the hook hits you it still grabs you. But, nah let's nerf every little goddam thing about Victoria and ignore the hypers who really need the nerfs. If this game continues to do dumb crap like this, Hyper Universe going to be like another version of league of legends were as you pick characters to win not to have fun and win because why choose a certain hyper while the other hyper can do that hyper job WAAAAY better. God forbid if any other hyper gets the highest win-rate we going to see a full blown nerf again.
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    Yeah, I think she was hit way too hard as well

    Even before the nerf, all she really seemed like to me is Divine Blessing and Redemption (Assuming the enemy team built sanguine), the minor amount of healing she had to begin with just served as something to do while waiting for cool downs to finish. I don't really need her to be an amazing healer but right now its pretty pitiful. Only providing a sliver of hp per team fight. She can't even provide her ultimate in every team fight anymore, given how long the cool down is. I'm not sure why my one person Resurrection is so costly when other hypers can have the utility to wipe the entire team in half the time. After the team gets wiped, I MIGHT be able to ressurect one person and try to defend a 2v4, which likely wont turn out well. The only time that Resurrection is any good is when Victoria successfully protects the majority of the team, bringing someone back for another try at a 4v4, and right now she just isn't capable of doing that with the nerfs all over her kit. Given how weak Victoria is at the moment, i'm only feeling like a fraction of a person in battles.

    I know her abilities seemed really powerful before, but Victoria needs them to actually be useful, without them, she is nothing. It's not like we are giving someone like Louis team buffs and a ressurection, Victoria isn't providing her own damage to fights, or providing any crowd control (i'm just going to ignore Chastise because it doesn't even deserve to be mentioned as cc lol). Therefore, giving her powerful supportive abilities balances her out in a way. If all of her buffs and healing are negligible, shes nothing but a meat shield praying for something to go right.

    While playing Victoria throughout both of the tests and the prerelease, I always had a mixed opinion on how good she actually was. Some people thought she was absolutely amazing, and some people thought she was complete trash, it was pretty confusing for me. After playing her enough, I came to the conclusion she only works in specific compositions, and is not something you can just use and expect to win. People can always lock in crowd control and damage and it will provide something good to the team, but with Victoria you kind of have to wait and see if the other players picked the right balance of things before you use her. With the scarce amount of Victoria players, I think the high win rate only came from picking her once in awhile when you know she can be usable, instead of picking her the majority of the times when you know it will be difficult.

    Nowadays, I'm just picking her since I love the hyper even though I know she is suffering. Even when the composition seems in check, I lose the majority of rounds, winning some usually only because our team is stacked with veterans and a new player ending up on the other side. I'm curious as to what the win rate for her even is now, i'm almost certain it has plummeted.

    I hope we can bring Victoria to place where everyone feels like she is balanced in comparison to the threats she has to deal with.
  • PlasmachaserPlasmachaser
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    With the nerfs, Vic has gone from someone you have to always be thinking about, into someone you can completely disregard. I don't have to build Scythe to effectively fight her team anymore since her heals are so small and her rez CD is so long that it's power early game is nonexistent. They went a bit overboard on this one. Nice try though.