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Full Hyper guides for Tatyana, Liu, Green Pit Bull and Michelle are now available on HUDB!
These guides contain item builds, pros/cons, tips on skill usage, and more!

Check out the Tatyana guide here: http://hyperuniversedb.com/taty1.html (Authored by Ekram )
Check out the Liu guide here: http://hyperuniversedb.com/liu1.html (Authored by Ekram )
Check out the Green Pit Bull guide here: http://hyperuniversedb.com/gpb1.html (Authored by Ripper )
Check out the Michelle guide here: http://hyperuniversedb.com/mich1.html (Authored by Life )

With these guide included, http://www.hyperuniversedb.com/ now has guides for Admiral, Aisha, Blue Rose, Celine, Gelimer, Green Pit Bull, Kurenai, Liu, Michelle, Pinky, Signal, Tatyana, Tooth and Tops, Trakakhan, Turner, Wukong and Zet.
More guides coming soon!

NOTE: I will be going back and updating some of my older builds to reflect patch/item changes.