Crafting Hypers, Equipment, and Slots needs rework

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I did the math and assuming that each bit color has an equal chance of one thrid when you dismantle a sample into bits and you get an average RNG, you're spending more money crafting the hypers through the crafting system than you would just buying. The total average cost would be 17k GP per hyper (starting from scratch which most people will since there's too many things to get through the cube system and by the time you have the items to get the hyper you want you can already outright buy or synthesize a hyper and it's equipment) and that is not including the equipment. I would definitely recommend making it cheaper to synthesize and craft hypers through the cube system since no matter how you slice it you're spending more money to make a hyper through that system than just outright purchasing the hyper through the cash shop.

the exact same can be said for the equipment slots as well, if you're starting from absolute zero samples it is still cheaper to outright buy the equipment slot. 8k GP for average RNG of needing about 60 bits along with the GP needed to craft it.

make the requirements for crafting the hypers, equipment slots, and equipment cost the same or less than the GP required to purchase the items outright from the Hyper Shop or have the cubes drop a decent amount of bits per cube. Say every third cube gives three bits like dismantling.

I feel if this is untouched then you turn the samples for equipment slots into things you just dismantle due to the near impossible RNG of getting a full stack of them just from cubes, and even then with how much it costs to get bits from dismantling it's not even worth, the user is still better off just getting the emotes and skins from the cubes. Not to mention that to someone who just does the surface math and doesn't take into account the RNG and cost of getting bits, it seems to cost less to craft when in reality it costs 2-3k more GP which is essentially (hopefully) unintentionally lying to the players face.

If this is revamped like I said then it turns the cube system into a better reward system allowing the player who grinds every day for the cubes to get a better deal than the player that plays occasionally plays and outright buys the hyper they want. You don't want a big discount for the cube system, maybe taking into account average RNG for bits make it cost 1-2k GP less than in the shop.


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    This could less of an issue if we could spend gold to change the type of materials we want to vie for when opening cubes. Let's say you spend some amount of gold on top (200~500) to open a cube to only get emblems or skins. It would be a good gold sink for veteran players while allowing new player to at least direct their cubes towards more significant unlocks.

    The amount of gold spent would need to be right and perhaps this can only be an option for unlocking hypers. Alternatively, Nexon can (and probably already have) release hyper cubes where you only get samples for hypers.