Hyper Universe Launch Promo Video

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Hey guys, I wanted to make a short video to promote Hyper Universe going into full release.
My goal is for this video to be a short, digestible snippet that friends are willing to check out (since it's only under a minute).

more content coming to my channel in the future
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    Do you no de whey.
  • SyR_SnOwSyR_SnOw
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    Good stuff fam!
  • ArcvArcv
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    really well made

    good job
  • VelcroRaptorVelcroRaptor
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    That is an awesome fan trailer!

    I'm thinking about posting it around online if I have your permission.

    One question though would it be possible to upload it to youtube? Sometimes people find vimeo a bit sketchy if it's just a link from a less popular video source.

    EDIT: Just found that you had posted on youtube