Spread out the Outer Towers in Delta Station?

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Can we match the Outer Tower distance in Delta Station to the Outer Tower distance in Dragon's Refuge? Here's the reasons:

1) Early fighting in lane SEVERELY disadvantaged. Towers are so strong against low level low build, there are no lane fights because one dash, one lunge and you are hit by the tower.
2) No way to flank without getting hit.
3) Early team fights are fun. More skirmishes in the lane would equal more fun.
4) I'm not experienced enough to be certain here, so grain of salt, it seems the towers give an extreme advantage to Celine, Shasha, and Jack, in lane early as there is no real way to kill them without getting blasted at least twice. It does not feel the same at all on Dragon's Refuge.

What are your thoughts?

Here's the difference:



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    Agreed. Towers on Delta Station are promoting passive play so much (in the early game at least). Michelle setting up near her tower is a nightmare to deal with.
    Even I -as a Signal main- have to admit that Delta Station's towers are really punishing for melee Hypers.