Regular match vs Veteran A.I

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So, I have a question about this two modes that I can't understand: I've been playing some veteran A.I matches and been getting anywhere near 500~1000 GP per match and I decided to try some regular pvp matches. While the Regular mode is infinitely easier than Veteran A.I, I've been getting 100~200 GP in it. Why do I get less GP in PVP match that have the same time as a Veteram A.I? Is it supposed to be this way? If so, I see no incentive to play the Regular mode. It's weird.



  • NF85NF85
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    prolly just some low lv bonuses.
    i play veteran ai all the time and i dont get more then 200gp per win.
  • iDropBodiesiDropBodies
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    I noticed this after i reached level 11. The rewards start to lower. I guess its good because i bought a lot of hypers, items and slots before i reached that level. Maybe they might look into this in the future.