Controller And Other Feedback [PLEASE DISCUSS]

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So yeah a couple of things I wanted to put in:

CONTROLLER WITH SNAP CURSOR instead of a free mouse cursor or at least the D keys with snap function so we can interact between the different elements on the top, chat, messenger etc.

SURRENDER FUNCTION, MORE EMBLEMS, maybe some you can purchase with coins or even real money currency would be cool.

MORE SKINS, but thats coming im sure :) CLAN FEATURE, GUILD would be the best as well as a TEAM of 4 or less.
So you have the team TAG and then the guild to form those teams.

Controller needs to be INTEGRATED more and simplified for most interactions, i still use my mouse to select hypers and the trackpad sort of mouse is too fast and not accurate to jump to lobby sections quickly / navigate through the shop. I am sure many people use controller for hyper in the future, it works very well in my opinion. simple browsing with controller should work fine even with typing and chat, so you can quickly jump to your chats etc. as it's quite impractical in the lobby/selection how it is now.

PVE CONTENT and other modes really needed / would push the game even more as it's great with the different stages or even one longer lane.

Then, if someone leaves the queue and you have to queue again this should be done automatically as you weren't the person who left.

The MESSENGER could already have online friends opened, i always have to click and see them (Just a small thing really), maybe updated messenger design (looks a bit simple) Then, I think RANKED should not be visible until its online to avoid confusion. i hope soon! :)

Not 100% sure but for my EU games and even NA (which is normal though as I'm in the UK) I still experience those random FPS drop spikes and I don't know why. I play at night time here after work around 3am and the internet is super clean and 100mb/s. I just wondered why it still lags in my region with EU players after the upgrade of the servers.

Many thanks for your consideration if you have time to go over them and hopefully have a chat with the devs about some issues :) I think I will update this thread and push it up again If I can think of new comments and feedback. It's all I really had a thought over.

Apart from that, HAPPY. WELL DONE GUYS, awesome game and hopefully on console soon to get even more hypers playing! There aren't too many games on PS4 for example and It can be a great push for marketing as the game works fantastic with a controller. It's also simple enough to avoid chatting most of the time, the pings are great with the map.



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    I would like to add on for hopes about controller support.

    Please devs, look into better integrating the controller in match, specifically when accessing the warp function (I can select points to warp to with the controller, but, if I want to warp there, I need to reach for the keyboard to press enter, or the mouse to click on the button to activate.

    In addition, please add support for end of match to allow accessing the end of match screen with the controller on its own. I can enter a match, select a character, and do many things with the controller alone, but, I require a mouse near by purely so that at the end of a match, I can quickly transition to the stats screen, where I once more have control with a controller, even if it is just pushing a cursor around.

    Request to look into if feasible:
    • The tutorial doesn't interface with the controller, allowing people to not know that they can click in the right thumb stick rather than reach for the keyboard.
    • The controller layout in set up says that for the right thumb stick, up is ping point one, and down is ping point two, while in match, up is call for group up, and down is for retreat, in regards to the right stick operation.