Recolour of basic skin should not be sold.

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While i have no issues whit your 10$ skins due to how it changes the hyper and the work load that goes into them, recolouring the defualt skin does NOT warrant a reason for it to be sold at all.
It takes the designer what, 10 mins to change the tones? to sell that is noting but a scam, so here is what i suggest:
Create a new skin for 6$, but whitout the extras that is added in the typical 10$ skin.

example: the the schoolgirl skin for yuna that was avalible in the november event.
I can see no extra details on it other then the look and the skin frame colour is green, not orange like the 10$ skin is, aka that is the kind of effort that is worth 6$.
low workload recolours = free, medium workload skins = 6$, high workload skins = 10$.

What you do whit the basic skin recolours is that you add them to the hyper lv, a system that currently does nothing.
You make 3 colour variations. 1st is unlocked att hyper lv3, 2nd at lv6 and last at lv9.
Hyper lv10 is reserved for a new hyper selection portrait that showcases that you have reached max lv for that spesifc hyper.(different backgroound colour, stars, diferent frame colour, idk something different)