Enemy hp bar, names

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So as you can see i am new here but I have tried every moba out there and i might have a good suggestion on how to improve visibility in a fight.

I highly recommend putting the enemy hero name and the hp bar above the heroes making it much easier to see where there are and how muchhp they have, since like this it can very hard to see , they are mixed with the enemy minions and your own allies and at moments you cant even see if they are dying so you can cc them before they evade, this is a big deal in my opinion as ut will make the fights much more tactical and easier to see.


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    I agree. Overhead though might be distracting as that's where the action is, but perhaps row them down screen rather than stacked on top of each other There's nothing (for the most part) that needs to be seen below the characters feet so if the hypers stood on top of each other you could put one HP bar directly below and the next lower than that one and still fit all four in the screen easily.
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    Yeah, but Hypers only.