Tower Issues

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The towers seem a bit buggy. I can go in behind a wave of minions and as the minions are attacking, the tower is targeting myself or another ally. Even if you wait for the minions to attack the tower, you can sometimes run in to assist and the tower will target your hyper, for clarity sake, im not running in before the minions, I have deliberately been avoiding approaching towers unless I see a full swarm of my minions, 4+, and myself or others still get targeted.

That being said, another issue I have with the towers is their general lack of power. Tanks can eat the bullets during end game and full upgrade, to me the towers should be something to stay away from, regardless of level. Until you successfully push your minion waves to the towers to soak up damage. Perhaps you put a modifier on the towers to do a higher percentage of damage to Hypers and a lower percentage to minions? I understand that theyre not supposed to be immortal and indestructible, but enemies can often run right by them chasing players past them and be completely fine. Towers are supposed to be a stopping point and a bastion for a team, not so much in this game.

Also good game.