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Morog starts off really weak with nothing to work with, but this is exactly what makes him so versatile. He can grow stronger and craft his own playstyle by collecting loot around the map as the game goes on. He also gains increasingly more gold and health regeneration by avoiding death and his presence leads to some spots on the map getting blocked off by gas.


Passive - Battle Royale
Morog causes some parts of the jungle to get covered in gas, which continuously deals damage to Morog and enemies. This gas becomes more common and deadlier as time passes.
His presence also passively spawns loot chests around the map that can be collected by anyone. Chests grant bonus stats to the finder, but Morog can also get some equipment of choice out of it by selecting them with the directional keys.
Chests always contain at least 1 piece of equipment from each of the following options:
  • Weapons - Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Dagger | Selecting this tab grants bonus attack.
  • Armor - Gas Mask, Gloves, Body Armor, Boots | Selecting this tab grants bonus defense.
  • Skills - Reload/Stab, Ambush, Sprint, Combat Roll | Selecting this tab grants bonus Cooldown Reduction.

Bonus Passive - Survival Rewards
Morog gains increasingly more gold income and health regeneration as time passes.
These bonuses are lost upon death.

Skill A - Inventory
Morog can access his inventory to equip his gear by using the directional keys. Doing this will place his current equipment in the inventory.
Can be cast mid-air.

Skill Q - Reload/Stab
  • Reload - Morog reloads his current weapon. Reload is automatically used when ammo runs out or when out of combat.
    This skill can be upgraded by obtaining it from loot chests, effectively reducing the cast time.
  • Stab - Morog uses his dagger to stab the enemy and makes them bleed.
    This skill can be used during Sprint to bash them with the handle, stunning them.
    It can also be used while dashing to strike all enemies without making them bleed.
    Can only be used when a dagger is equipped.
    This skill can be upgraded by obtaining it from loot chests, effectively increasing the damage.

Skill W - Ambush
Morog prepares for an ambush in a small area.
This area grants allies invisibility and increased sight range as long as they are inside.
The first attack out of invisibility deals increased damage.
This skill can be upgraded by obtaining it from loot chests, effectively increasing the maximum ally count and sight range.

Skill E - Sprint
Morog gains increased movement speed.
This skill can be upgraded by obtaining it from loot chests, effectively increasing the movement speed bonus.

Skill R - Combat Roll
Morog performs a short roll that reloads his current weapon. Morog is invulnerable during the roll.
Max rolls - 2
This skill can be upgraded by obtaining it from loot chests, effectively reducing the charge cooldown.

  • Chests layout goes like this: Interact with Chest --> Directional keys options: < = attack/weapon, ^ = CDR/Skill, > = defense/cooldown \/ = extra equipment.
  • Hypers can be interrupted while opening chests and Morog opens them quicker than anyone else.
  • Morog can carry multiple of the same weapon in his inventory.
  • Morog can only carry a single piece of the same armor.
  • Weapons and Armor can only be upgraded after collecting 6 pieces of gear.
    This is because the inventory is full by then, so the items collected from loot chests transfer into upgrades.
  • All equipment/skills can be upgraded up to 5 times.

  • Sniper Rifle - Fires a single long ranged bullet.
    Has 1 ammo.
    Gains increased critical hit damage for each time it's upgraded.
  • Assault Rifle - Fires a medium range bullet.
    Has 15 ammo.
    Fire faster while moving for each time it's upgraded.[/]
  • Shotgun - Fires a short ranged buckshot that knocks targets back.
    Has 3 ammo.
    Increased knockback distance for each time it's upgraded.
  • Dagger - Has 3 attacks that ramp up in damage. The third one applies Down if the enemy is bleeding.
    Gains increased critical hit chance and range for each upgrade.
  • Gas Mask - Reduces gas damage for each upgrade.
  • Gloves - Increases attack speed for each upgrade.
  • BodyArmor - Increased max health for each upgrade.
  • Boots - Increases movement speed for each upgrade.


Name: Morog
Job: Surviving
Nickname: The Survivor
Likes: Surviving
Age: Survived for 24 years
Dislikes: Not Surviving
Gender: Male Survivor
Hobby: Gambling
Race: Survivor
Speciality: Surviving

Morog has been a lazy person without ambition from the moment he was born. With his father unknown and his mother lost at the age of 16, he dropped out of school and things quickly went downhill. With no motivation to work, he took the easy road out and started gambling. What started off as a quick buck quickly turned into his biggest downfall. So with huge debts, no home, no family, and no money to pay it back, he came to the swift decision that his life is now a throwaway piece. In the depths of despair, he had found the perfect solution:

"The Universal Battle Royale". A battle royale between 8 participants where the last survivor gets a huge amount of cash and medical treatment for any wounds they have suffered. 8 participants -with nothing but their underwear- are dropped in a designated spot, where they can find equipment to fight each other until the last man standing. and to prevent participants from developing a static strategy, the hosts will periodically release a dangerous gas that forces participants to move closer to eachother over time. The event will take place in another universe once there is a winner. So this sounded like the perfect oppertunity for Morog to peacefully let go of his life in some unknown area. Although, that was but a speculation.. When it was time to actually execute the plan, Morog felt more driven than ever. He felt like he had a purpose. He was determined to survive.

That's when he realized why he was so lazy. He never wanted to risk anything because survival was his sole purpose. The only thing that makes him feel alive, literally. After winning his first Battle Royale, he signed up for the next, and the next, and the next... Until he traveled to all the Universes and finished countless foes. The hosts didn't know where to go anymore, so they settled for the most dangerous universe to permanently host the event. The Hyper Universe..
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