Teach about pings in the tutorial

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FEEDBACK (1) Please explain what pings are and have the player respond correctly in order to get through the tutorial. Frustrating is one thing, but people are being reported for poor team play because it seems like they are being stubborn or obnoxious by ignoring pings (generally the only form of communication) and ignoring the group in general, but I think most really just don't know. Seems like something we can fix.

FEEDBACK (2) There should be a sound any time a team member types something in chat. It is as important if not more important than pings. The chat window could probably use to be separated from the combat log (actually not sure if this is already possible )

Toxic players aside, the game itself does nothing (especially AI) to teach or even recommend players play as a *coordinated* team. AI teaches the opposite actually. I'm in no way referring to the skill of new players either. Simply, that they know what they should be doing in a basic sense not whether they are actually able to do it skillfully.

It's not really the fault of new players, some don't want to listen, but most have no idea that there is even something to listen to. Many when you ping a specific location actually come to you instead of going to the location, which is really sad because they tried to listen but just were unaware what it means.

I've mentioned before how much the AI could be used to teach players to coordinate and really get them well on the way to playing better and having more fun (even losing is fun as long as you were actually beaten by your opponents and not your teammates). If not that, at least the tutorial could do much to help new players realize there is nothing more important in the game than their hyper's **role**

I have played this game non-stop since I got it in early access, this is the first time I actually don't feel like playing. That is NOT a threat, just if others feel the same maybe we can do something about it? A bit too frustrating when it feels like playing a game where the majority of the buttons on your controller/keyboard do not work. Thanks again for all your hard work as always.


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    i feel like im playing alone, very rare some1 to answer me in game chat.
    and global chat feels same, empty always.
    those things really need a good rework to be able to feel we play an online game, with other real ppl.