Dash Game Breaker- Tower Damage-Tower Targeting

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First of All I want to congratulate Nexon for this Great game they have created. Me and My cousin are enjoying it so much since Today and we have been like 15 hours hooked up on it.
I have noticed that (Dash) is a game breaker, even though I enjoy the game, Sometimes it feels broken because of it, all the heroes can just get away easily(sometimes not) But most of the time. I am actually a Dota 2 Player and the level of complexity from where I come from is hard to get to know, what Am saying by this is that all heroes in Dota 2 have different abilities. Hyper Universe heroes have different abilities indeed unique but Dash for everyone? Feels a little off the charts.I would suggest giving Dash to some of the heroes the ones that really struggle or maybe to some carrys, after all the game still got to be balanced and I understand is in 2D.

Next Big thing ( Tower Damage)
Jesus... The tower damage is so ridiculous even at level 15 to 20, It just feels like I have no armor and it gets so annoying trust me when you are trying to Dive In and fight other heroes. I would completely understand lvl 1 to 10 getting increased damage from the Towers but lvl 15 to 20? Fully equipped and leveled Items doesn't make sense at all

(Tower Targeting) Huge Problem
People just get in the middle of the Tower at front of it just to make that tower attack you and I definitely Understand the problem is that this is a 2D game, not like Dota 2 where you
can Relocate and Attack the tower from a different Perspective But I have been thinking on a solution to this Problem you guys have, Make the towers Stronger and Do something
about the Bad Targeting . All this two problems are so related (Tower damage and Tower targeting) if you understand the complexity of just trying to hit the tower and someone from the other team just gets in front of you for you to get tons of damage or should I say a ridiculous amount of damage from the tower as we talked before is a bit off. I really think making the towers stronger and Solving the targeting thing Will be a huge good change to this game and am not really sure how is going to be done because the game is 2D, Maybe self targeting? or hero targeting? Like choosing what to hit I guess the only Solution I can come up with
Thank you and sorry for my grammar.