Please, This is my best game, i love is this game

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Hello good night / day / morning / afternoon
Please, please, you send this to your boss.


My thoughts and all of Brazil
I do a translation Audio in the game so in Portuguese the audio of the game

lease make sure you have a single player campaign mode!
please. talks to you have bigger maps and system of more than 3 line .... wanted something epic.
please put more rpg and less moba, I'm not saying exactly to take out the moba side, but put a different game modes, because the game engine ... I say the game system gear and the way the game works, the many possibilities

It's like my grandmother and even my mother said, you have the knife and the cheese in the no.
you can not create a new game because it would be twice as much propaganda, twice as much work in almost everything ..... look at games like certain wolrds of ..... la has everything .... pvp pve!

please create a pet system, which does not cause damage, but can increase the speed atq. heal .... and of course, if he takes any damage he would be stunned and then shake his head and run to the player, just to have him prevent it from healing.

put new heroes ... new visuals,

I did not like the look of the allen, try to create something more, real guard than real noble .....

Create a hero who invokes other weaker heroes, just like some moba * OTA and L * L
tbm could have a basic enhancement system

wanted a necromancer hero, that when he killed a mob he would become another mob with half the attributes and status and have the same AI and function as a common mob

When I say hero I mean by custom to hypers, sorry if I offended you

I wanted to say that I really liked, a lot of the game and you have my sincere prayers and help, just so you have an idea, tomorrow I'm going to buy 12 hypers or heroes in case

Ranked match or requirement level increased to 25 please

I noticed that some Australians want to play, put a serve for the
please put 10vs10 games on gigantic maps ...

why do not you create a bigger game, please º w º, the graphics of your game, it's beautiful, it's magnificent .... well done, beautiful and nice
has immense capabilities by the optimal engine and programming structure that is not bad .... it is very good.