Endless match

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vs AI Veteran. 3 hours!
probably it would continue maybe until we fall asleep, but i lost a lot of time last 5 minutes to install obs and stream it.


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    you can imagine in 3 hours how many times we pushed their base and our base have been pushed by them. after 2 team are very equal to each other thats an open door game to continue hours.
    my suggestion is make the bases to not heal themself. or/and increasing revive times.
    and something to do with gold. i played with maxed gold 99999 more than 2 hours.
    for example a giant atacker produce system in base. all team members can put money in that produce and when reach 99999 gold giant will be ready to go.
  • RazielWarmonicRazielWarmonic
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    Oh my goodness gracious, that isn't fun at all! An average match shouldn't be much longer than 20 minutes. We have been tweaking the AI based on feedback to try and make them more assertive and have a decent Hyper comp. This clearly isn't an ideal comp as it lacks damage. Thank you for the screenshot!
  • MyTeaMyTea
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    its not only ai, I had more than 40min pvp matches too. base really must not heal itself.
    when teams are very equal and cant defeat the base on pushes, game goes very long. both bases repairs themselves after every push. and teams continue to push in turn over and over again at exact same power both team.
  • KafrielKafriel
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    The base heals itself to allow teams to turn the tables. When your matches last more than 20', prioritize getting siege tanks out and then defending them. If you can't eliminate the enemy team, your objective it to disrupt them long enough for your winions to do their job. This isn't really a solution to your problem, but think of it as a band-aid until the AI improves.

    P.S: Build for damage when queueing AI games, always assume the 4th player will be a tank.
  • MyTeaMyTea
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    you say push minions and win :) believe me we didnt watch artwork 3 hours :D maybe it can work vs ai in the future. im talking about equal 2 clever teams. i dont play ai games, just my medium pvp match time is btw 30-40 min. that day i wanted to play a quick game before go bed. (i thought ai will be quick :D )
    and its not my problem at all :) something is clearly not how it supposed to be. i believe matches which going too long are frustrating for every player, speacially when crop up wc need. im just giving feedback and suggestion. my point is about equal pvp games. this ss from ai was just good example to explain that something is not prescienced enough by developers. ill take ss of my next 1 hour pvp(yes,i had), to able to explain better what im saying :)
    1 more point is, to do backdoor is impossible with so fast replenishing base. that would add an interesting dynamic and adrenalin to the games ;)
    also nerfing base replenishing can be done by percentages. forexample untill %10 life replenish the same speed as now, then till %50 life %50 decreased speed, after %50 life decrease %50 again. so there will be enough chance to turn the tables and at same time to look for chance to do backtoor for turning the tables ;)
  • DuWryghtDuWryght
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    yeah that comp would be rough. There's isn't much reason to tank in vs AI. Everyone should go pure damage (even Victoria...). Damage Zet and Athena could make short work for most AI.

    I have been working on a series of tutorials that will help people master AI and be ready to play Regular mode!
  • NF85NF85
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    so, no side managed to keep the sige minions alive?
  • QuizzicalQuizzical
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    The underlying problem is that that game was you and seven bots. The other problem is that the bot AI is unaware that the towers matter. This can result in bots playing for a stalemate rather than playing for a win, and unless you can deal heavy damage yourself, there's not much you can do about it other than exit the match early.

    As best as I could tell, when you signed up for an AI match, it used to wait until you had four players. Now it will give you a match quicker by filling in bots for the rest of your team. The problem is that the bots are idiots who mostly focus on killing enemy hypers and jungling and will rarely attack a tower if there aren't incidentally enemy units nearby.

    I had a match of my own last more than two hours yesterday before I simply left it. At one point, my team killed three enemy hypers quickly, leaving only one hyper left with all enemy towers except for the last one gone. Rather than pressing the advantage and winning the match, two of the bot teammates decided that was a good time to go jungling, leaving me unable to finish off the enemy before the enemy hypers respawned.

    At another point in the same match, all of my teammates were dead, all towers except for the end ones on each side were destroyed, and the entire enemy team was just outside of my team's base. I was far away, trying just to end the match. So did they go destroy the end tower to win the match? Of course not. They left it alone so they could go hunt me.

    The surest sign that you have bot teammates is that they load the game extremely fast at the loading screen, because they don't actually have to load anything. A 1 on the end of the name as your teammates have there is also a probable sign of a bot, though not all bot names do that. The distinctive AI tic of running back and forth without attacking for no real reason in particular usually also means a bot.

    If a match is you and seven bots like the one above, I'd recommend just exiting the match immediately. You're not hurting any other players if there aren't any other players in the game, and you could save yourself hours of frustration before you end up giving up on the predictable stalemate to come.

    They shouldn't alter more fundamental game mechanics to fix the problem of idiot bot AI. In particular, you don't want to tinker with PVP to fix a problem that PVP isn't likely to have. But they do need to fix the problem, as if someone's first match is with seven bots playing for a stalemate for hours, why bother hanging around long enough to try a second match?

    The real fix here is both obvious and easy: give players other players as teammates rather than bots. Replacing a player by a bot when the player disconnect is one thing. But you need a critical mass of players in order for the game to work. If it means waiting 60 seconds or 90 seconds at matchmaking, so be it. That sure beats hours of frustration with trying to get idiot bots not to play for a stalemate.