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So I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or if it's intended but I have a problem with one of the Story progression in the Relationship Category. It's called "Secret of the AI" and to get it, I'm supposed to play a total of 100 AI matches. My account information tells me that I have played a total of 59 right now but for some reason, it only counts 24 as progress? And I noticed that it doesn't go up either, even if I check right after a match.


  • RazielWarmonicRazielWarmonic
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    Heyo Frooks,

    Veteran AI games do not count towards completing story.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • GinzaGinza
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    Veteran AI games are harder though? why dont they count? are you implying that beginner matches do count?
  • NF85NF85
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    Ginza wrote: »
    Veteran AI games are harder though?

    they are, cuz hardly any1 plays it, thus 1v7 is actualy the norm, not the exeptions and friendly AI is junk compared to enemy ai.

    beginner is cakewalk. it was actualy painfull to play 100 beginner games due to the amount of 1st day rookies that plays beginner.
    when veteran dont count, then we need a brand new emblem that counts 100 veteran games.!