Optimal Keybindings for Battlerite and LoL players

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For those that just don't feel like reading

Coming from a background with thousands of MOBA and FPS games, it was rather odd for me to not only switch to full keyboard controls, but also using directional keys on top of that.
So like the Yasuo, Raigon and Hanzo main that I am, I went full stubborn and completely overthrew the current controls to fit my keyboard + mouse style.

Basically, the primary controls got a complete make-over while the secondary controls are mainly the same. So here are the changes:
  • Movement - Starting off with directional keys, I immediatly swapped them into wasd. I placed my jump on Space and dash on Mouse 3 (extra mouse button, I'd put it on Shift/Caps Lock as a substitute).
  • Attacks - I went full Battlerite on this one. Basic attacks are on M1, Skill 1 = M2, Skill 2 = Q, Skill 3 = E, Skill 4 = R and Skill 5 (ultimate) = F.
    Please note that this could make some abilities awkward to hold, so it takes a bit of getting used to. Examples: Allen R & Wukong R.
  • Additional Controls - I left these untouched except for placing "Use Object" on Mouse 4 (I recommend C or V if you don't have extra hotkeys on your mouse).
  • Pings - I use pings on M1 and M2 as regular, but it can be a bit awkward for others, as it still triggers attacks. I entirely avoid this issue by using pings during my jump (which doesn't even break your momentum).

That was it. Enjoy your experience!
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    I'm using ASD for basic movement and W for jump coz i play a lot of sidescroll brawl games. then i used JKL, UIOP for combat.

    J= basic attack
    K= heavy attack
    L= dash

    U, I and O= special attacks and P for ultimate.

    Space bar is for the up movement so i use it basically to access the ladders.
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  • TechtonixTechtonix
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    I use a Logitech G600 mouse. It is Logitech's version of the Razer Naga. My setup is a little different.

    WASD to move.
    Space to jump.
    Skills 1-5 are on the side of my mouse.
    Regular attack is left-click.
    Dash is right-click.
    Accessory is middle mouse button (mouse-wheel).
    "F" to recall.
    Left shift is to warp or ladder shake.