How to make boss fights epic! [Poll]

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Bosses in the jungle such as invader, executioner and a dragon are cool but I think that they would be Way more fun if there was more to in that just standing in one place. The game already tries doing so but it's less than required for it to work. I like that the invader for example can jump and throw people around the chamber but if it also had some skills that would require you to jump( he could crouch and fire his lasers left and right after a short delay) or have you moving quickly when the floor spiked with traps would try to shock you with a prior warning first. Dragon would be great too if it was more than bumping people with it's claws and then setting the floor on fire. He could fly off the map and barrage the floor with many, many fireballs raining down at contestants. They would again have to move to sides to dodge them. Instead of having the dragon to set the floor on fire it would roar and slowly swipe the floor with fire giving people time to get on the ladders. Dragon could also colapse the pillars around him on the top floor stunning half of the floor (left side of the floor with a pillar on the left side of the stage). Executioner could throw hooks with chains that would bind players to him if they failed to crouch or jump so that he pull them close in to his melee range and deal a devastating blow incapacitating them. There could be torture cages on the ceiling ( these metal cages that looks similar to the ones you keep birs in) that would drop down on the floor stunning players and freeing prisoned skeleton guard from inside of it. The floor could have spikes in it waiting for executioner to pull a lever in the middle of the chamber. That would cripple all the players inside slowing them and applying bleed. This would make bosses more far more entertaining than they are right now.