Crash on Loading Screen | "Insufficient Memory"?

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I wanna give this game a shot, I really do. However, there has been a few issues in doing that.
(Gonna preface this by saying that at first I thought it was just trying to go to the Training Room, but now it seems that it is whenever I get to a loading screen. As an example, I got the same crash when trying to enter a Custom Game.)

Type of Bug:
As the title would suggest, this is a CTD (Crash to Desktop) issue.

So, I wanted to try out a few Hypers (namely Shasha, Jack, and Aisha) before I hopped into my first game so I could see who I like. See who I could spend that Prologue GP on, y'know?
However, when I tried to go the Training Room, I would get to the loading screen and then immediately CTD with the error message "insufficient memory".
Obviously, my first instinct was to lower my graphics settings. Give my Comp a break from Ultra settings on everything. I lowered my settings to the lowest possible, on the lowest resolution, in windowed mode, just to see if it would help. Unfortunately, I got the same crash, same issue, same message. "Insufficient memory".

At this point, I was calling "B.S." because my Comp has 8 gigs of RAM, using ~1.2 while idle and ~5 at the most extreme when running Far Cry 4 on Max settings.
So, I opened a system monitoring program I have called "SmartRAM" which can track my RAM usage in real-time, and tried again. Picked a Hyper, went to the Training Room, crashed on the loading screen with the same message.
However, SmartRAM said I never went above 3 gigs of RAM usage, even when the game was loading.

I later tried setting up a Custom Game because one of the Hypers I wanted to try was in the free rotation, but got the same crash with the same message when I got to the loading screen. So, it isn't just the Training Room, it's any loading screen. As you can imagine, this kind of complicates things as far as trying the game goes.

Video / How to re-create:
I have re-created the exact scenario with a video linked right about here.

Game crashes, dude.

Expected Result:
I get through a loading screen without crashing, dude.

If it's needed, here's the specs to my comp.

Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB


  • HayueHayue
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    Hi BatSenpai,

    Thank you for the detailed bug report. We have forwarded this issue to our dev team, and will be looking at it.
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    i have a verification error after launch, is there a way to fix this?
  • iltopiniiltopini
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    Same here when attemp to watch skill videos or when start to loading screen before the battle.
    i5 4570, 16gb ram.