Curse Eye, Ignitia and Migenhardt guide!

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Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since my last update. College and work are taking up a lot of time at the moment, but I hope to update more frequently in the future.
I'd like to thank Skyterror, Ogienchomik, and Muddy for creating these great Hyper guides!

Ignitia guide here :
Author - Ogienchomik

Curse Eye guide here:
Author - Skyterror

Migenhardt guide here:
Author - Muddy now has guides for Admiral, Aisha, Blue Rose, Celine, Curse Eye, Gelimer, Green Pit Bull, Ignitia, Kurenai, Liu, Michelle, Migenhardt, Pinky, Signal, Tatyana, Tooth and Tops, Trakakhan, Turner, Wukong and Zet.

A Ryta guide is almost done and will be published very shortly.

Either tomorrow or the day after, I'll be updating the item builds on my Admiral, Gelimer, and Celine guides. The actual guide part is totally fine, but the builds could use some slight tweaking to reflect patch changes.

Thanks for all the great feedback, advice, and support you guys have been showing, it's really appreciated and motivating.

Until next time, Life