"not participating" fix

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I ran into the problem where my team and I were at a stalemate with both cores open while playing as Athena. I figured the best way to take care of this problem was to go to the boss and get sieg tanks (which my team disagreed with apparently) as I ended up having to solo the fight. I was a fully built Athena so survival wasn't the problem, but being a tank built for tanking my dps was garbage. here comes the issue. Since the fight was basically a braindead "hold A + S and wait it out" situation I zoned and let the fight take its course. Problem is because I didn't need to move and was holding the buttons to kill the boss the game decided I wasn't playing and I got a penalization on my account. I cleared the message (more than a little miffed) finished the boss and we won the game because of the tanks. Please throw in an algorithm to check not just button presses but if the player character is actively dealing and/or taking damage to make it so people who are playing the game as intended aren't penalized for doing what they should be doing.