[Discussion] Latency / Delay / Yellow Bar for NA

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Can someone explain why I'm getting a 150-200ms delay (based off resmon) when I'm being connected to Seattle servers? I live in California and pinging a Seattle server from speedtest gives me 40-60ms of delay. I'm having trouble understanding why I'm experiencing this annoying delay. I can't do any quick movements because the input lag occurs and the opposite of what I intended to do usually happens. This is frustrating. Fix this Nexon!



  • k2bartenderk2bartender
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    I live in canada and I have 120mbps wired internet on my computer and wow Hyper Universe is the only I am lagging with
  • TsarTankTsarTank
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    I am not sure, I have sometimes red bar or green but never lag. I am on a 20mpbs dsl line. Maybe some kind of anti-virus or third party app that is not happening with the nexon anti-cheat program that happens on startup that is causing you to lag?