DUO QUEUE, lvl 15 and Ban Phase (Ranked mode)

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I'm gonna make a suggestion here and create a new topic as well about it.
I'm a content creator (Youtube and Twitch) and the topic that i'm going to talk about is unanimous:

Only Solo mode on Ranked sucks

Why *only solo mode* on Ranked sucks?
That is simple:
I don't know about your games in ranked, but in my experience (every match) every one wants to play Specialist or Assassin or Striker, these three roles and only these.
They don't want to play Tank, don't want to play Bruisers or even less support.
Who is going to play these classes on every match? Myself and Myself only.
Even if I'm the first pick, I KNOW FOR SURE, even if I ask gently, that my teammates is not going to pick any of these.

You guys could say: "We can win with 4 Specialist, 4 Strikers, 4 Assassins", of course you can, I will not deny it.
But, your winning odds against a good composition team is abismal.

We need a duo queue at least.

I'm aware that our population is not high enough to have a full 4 player queue, BUT we need AT LEAST duo queue, do you know why?

Duo queue is more fun.

I and my duo is going to play at least one of these classes that anyone wants to play, we will have an engager, a tank, a support.
It's not going to be so infuriating to play with the same people doing the same mistakes and bad comps...

We don't have enough players yet and we can not do anything about it!

A lot of players that reached me (my friends and my viewers) they all are not willing to play ranked anymore, because it's not fun.
Why will they lower their sanity in playing a game that everyone is selfish and pick "what they love" rather than "what the time needs"?
They are better off playing another moba that have a decent player base and a decent matchmaking with option to play with friends.

And do you know what is the worst??


I saw a Level 20 player doing things that only newbies would do, and he was a level 20 player.
So... howmuch time can someone reach level 15?
Is it really enough time?
Is this person really capable of joining ranked mode?

IMHO, no he is not and he will never be capable of playing ranked mode on level 15.

And we can have another problem with this level 15 requirement:

Smurfs, trolls and throwers

It's so easy to make an account on a free game and reach level 15!
For example, if I don't like the A person and I know that person is queuing, what can I do to f*** that person's game?
I can queue in my smurf and if I'm in his team I'm gonna troll and throw the game...

You can report that person right?
Yeah, but, do Hyper Universe have some kind of device that can track the persons unique PC ID?
Because, if not, that troll is going to be free and is going to create a nightmare for the playerbase.

Another thing that I want to address:

We need some kind of sound effect AND a text pop out saying something like:


That way everyone will notice that the BAN PHASE has begun and which team's phase is.

That is all I want to adress about ranked mode.
If I could only pick one of these topics, I would pick DUO QUEUE at the very least.

We have a lower population in this game, IF we do not do something soon, the population is going to lower even more...