Monthly Subscriptions and Additional Hyper Colors

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I'm copying this over from another thread because I stumbled into a long list of suggestions and explanations that should be shared here.

On Hyper Skin Recolors:
I personally disagree with buying recolors for any character. A palette swap isn't something people should be dropping any amount of money for, let alone $6. There should also be more than one for every character. For an example of how ridiculous alternate colors are in this game, all you have to do is look at any fighting game.

I'll use SFV as an example:

Ever costume for ever character comes with 10 color options. Additional colors can be purchased with Fight Money (SFV's in-game currency). If you prefer an example from a non-fighting game, take a look at Atlas Reactor ( Each character has several color options with some that have to be unlocked.

There's a game play related reason for there to be several colors to choose from. It prevents confusion. Two teams running all of the same characters without variation would be a nightmare. Playing a game where each team is running just one of the same character with the same look is also bad. I've been killed in games because I thought that the character behind me was on my team, but it was really the enemy. Life bar distinction isn't enough when there's so much information to take in a keep track of.

Premium skins should also have multiple colors to choose from. The price for those is justifiable (to an extent). Some of them are damn near new characters because of all the changes that go into them from the default costumes. The gender changes for some premium costumes is really cool also. Definitely wouldn't pay more than they're currently priced though.

I think that this is literally the only gripe I have about the game. It's that good in my opinion. Please don't let it die because of poor decision making.

Currently premium skins are the only real way to support the game. I've bought a handful for all of the characters I play because I want the game to give support. If premium skins are the only way to do so monetarily, it's not going to go very far--for me at least.

On introducing a monthly subscription to the game:
There are people (like me) who would love to support the game in other ways that the occasional premium skin purchase. One idea: Add a subscription plan that costs anywhere from $10-$15/mo that grants things like:
  1. Additional Hypers in free rotation. There are two open spaces in the Hyper rotation list that are unused so this may end up being a thing at some point.
  2. Unlock additional colors for any owned Hypers (including for Premium Skins)
  3. X amount of cubes and/or Golden Cubes each month
  4. X amount of GP per month
  5. 2 or 3 Hyper Cores per month. I don't know if the recently added weekly mission core is going to be a regular thing or not. Still it's additional incentive to sign up for a monthly subscription.
  6. Access to a Test Server to check out new Hypers and Maps to provide feedback before release
  7. Subscriber loyalty rewards like a premium skin coupon and other things every 3 months of continuous subscription.

Many of those aren't even new ideas. Plenty are examples taken from other games I've played. Instead of banking everything on players dropping tons of money in single transactions for bundles, it would also be wise to create a system for consistent revenue that isn't just a half-assed attempt at a cash grab, but something that actually provides value to the players and allows them to budget their support for the game.

Even though I'm in a unique position of being able to afford to buy things as they are right now, it wasn't that long ago that I wasn't. I'm serious about wanting to support the game because I really do love it. I've bought at least 3 premium skins so far and the bundle for Captain Red. However, I've gotten just about all that I want and am willing to pay for. It's absurd to think that tons of people are going to drop $400+ on premium skins (there are story unlocks for each of the premium skins). Sure, there are some who are pretty well off and just might do that. It's silly to think that an inordinate amount of people are going to either want or be able to.

Whether Nexon does or doesn't is entirely up to them. I just think it's more than a little absurd to "put all of your eggs in one basket" as the saying goes. I'd really hate to see this game go the route of contemporaries like MxM less than a year after launch.


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    I don't see a subscription model working in this game. Given how much you get and can get for free, hyper cores will be moot and you will have likely crafted everything else if you hadn't bought it before subbing for a year. Plus, no one likes all the hypers, so they really only care about the few the play to unlock content for. Once they do that, there isn't much motivation for them to spend anymore money on that. If the subscription doesn't calculate to spending less money to get what they wanted faster, they won't do it. The extra slots in free rotation I believe will be unlocked over time when more hypers are released or during an event.

    I think they can sell the tried and true boosters. If I were going to pay for a subscription, I'd like.

    1. Free dismantling and synthesis during the time.
    2. gold boost.
    3. More login rewards
    4. The ability to NOT get samples for things you already unlocked AND those that you already have 10 or 20 of the required samples for. can dream.