New Player Questions about Game Points

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Hi, Im a new player just download the game days ago.
I have some questions about the currency of Game Point:
1. Why did I get 1k per AI game in the last games, but for now only 100 per AI game?
2. If the q1 is the way the game it is, what about pvp game? how much do you earn per PVP game?
3. Do you get the same Game Points whatever you win or lose?
4. Just another one, I got Ban History by disconnection. How do I solve this?
5. Finnal one, 0.o. The game says You will be matched with players based on you win history. Is the apply for AI games? I have never played pvp games before, and I'm just wondering will the win rate of AI games also effect PVP games?

Sorry, there are alot of questions. I would be appreciated if you can answer them. T . T