Which supports are the most fun to play?

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I'm level 10 at the moment. I own a bruiser, tank, and ranged damage hyper at the moment. I'm looking to add one support as well. I tried Elendis since she's the only one on free rotation right now, but she is boring as heck?

Just wondering what you guys think is the most fun support to play?

Also, another unrelated question. Is there a way to assign a key to self cast a shield on yourself? I was messing with a couple supports in training room, and it seems pretty clunky to cast, say, Camilla's shield with W, then press the appropriate arrow.


  • NatsumeHackNatsumeHack
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    I find curse Eye fun to play.
  • juiceyjuicey
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    I'll give him a shot, he has a bunch of moves! Can't be that boring!
  • HakureiValkyrieHakureiValkyrie
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    I would say to give Camilla a shot too, very disruptive if she can stay near enemy hypers.
    You will also get accustomed soon enough to quickly casting the skill and select yourself or an ally. I dont think there is a quick (self) cast method.
    Only minus of Camilla is that she is pretty much banned every ranked match.