Ranked Preseason Extended

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Hey Hypers,

Thank you for those who have participated in Ranked Preseason! We have been keeping a close eye on your feedback thus far, and we hope you’ve been enjoying the competitive side of Hyper Universe.

As some of you may know, Preseason was scheduled to end on Feb. 22. However, after careful consideration and looking at the feedback from Preseason, we have decided to delay Season 1 and extend the current Preseason (please note that the Preseason mission will not extended).

We want to make Season 1 the best that it could be for you guys. We will be taking this time to do just that - that means fixing bugs, implementing community feedback, and looking at data to see where we can make other improvements.

Please continue to leave us your feedback and suggestions on Discord, Steam, and our official forums. We’re excited to make these improvements and start sharing more information with you soon.

Thanks again and see you on the battlefield.

- The Hyper Universe Team