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1. Ranked requirements should be increased.
- Ranked level requirement should be increased to atleast level 20. I think owned Hypers should have a certain level as well, so that new players can't enter ranked by simply owning hypers. They should have experience playing the Hypers they own as well. I'd also prefer if hyper rotation wasn't taken into consideration for owned hypers, as that's up to half of the hyper requirement being filled by doing nothing.

2. Remove DR from ranked queue.
- I personally don't have much issue playing on DR, but since removing DR from ranked queue is something a lot of players seem to agree with, I think it's a good thing to do. I think DR isn't as noob friendly as DS either, so I think removing it completely or only having it available for high elo matches (gold +) would be the way to go.

3. Pick/Ban notifications
- Have some type of audio or push notification when it's our turn to pick/ban. Players tend to be alt-tabbed during the pick/ban phase so this can help ensure participation, while avoiding mistakes and accidental dodges.