How to spot bots in AI matches

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If you play an AI match, your four opponents are all bots, of course. Sometimes there will be four real players on your team, but sometimes there will be one or more bots mixed in. This guide is about how to identify the bots.

The 100% sure-fire way to identify a bot is from the loading speed at the loading screen. It shows eight separate bars for the eight hypers, and those bars fill up as the player loads the game. Bots don't have to load a ton of graphical resources and what not, however, so they load super fast. If you see a loading bar on one of your allies load just as fast as on the enemy bots, you know 100% for certain that that character is a bot. And if it loads much slower, you know that that's a real player.

You'd really like to know which characters are the bots--and how many of them there are--when choosing your hypers, however. If all of the players choose defensive characters and rely on bot teammates for damage, that's going to be a rough match. While it isn't 100% knowable at this point, there are some distinctive behaviors of bots that can usually let you pick them out.

First, any bots on the team are always the right-most team members. If there's a team member who you know isn't a bot, and there's another team member to the left of him, the latter is also a real player.

Second, bots always use the emblem for some particular hyper. Any emblems that are not of a particular hyper--and that includes the default emblem--is guaranteed to be a real player.

Third, bots always wait until all players have chosen their hyper before they make their own choices. Thus, any teammates who select a hyper--even if they haven't confirmed it so that they could still change--before you've locked in your selection, or before someone to the left of you has locked in his selection, is guaranteed to be a real player and not a bot.

Any characters that satisfy those three conditions are usually bots, though not always. A fourth condition that isn't always guaranteed is that most bots have several letters in their name, followed by a 1 or a 2. Teammates whose username ends in 1 or 2--but not a number that is multiple digits--are usually bots. Not all bots do this, however.

If you start an AI match and you're the only real player on your team, while the rest are all bots, I'd recommend that you just close the game and skip the match. If you don't want to do that, then at minimum, you should take a high-damage hyper so that you can carry the team to victory yourself. If you try to win as Victoria, Elendis, Pinky, or any tank, the match could easily stalemate until you finally give up and leave after two hours of frustration.