Kamikaze Sushi Competitive Team Recruiting

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Team Name: Kamikaze Sushi
Location: NA Eastern
Current Roles: Support, Specialist/Striker

Hyper Universe Name: SheepersPeepers (Team Captain)
Roles: Striker, Specialist

Hyper Universe Name: Kathrina
Roles: Support

Recruiting for the upcoming tournament hosted by TheUnholyIcon.
Tournament link : https://www.reddit.com/r/HyperUniverse/comments/81llsk/incoming_tournament/

We are looking for 3 more players, preferably but not limited to NA region, English speaking is a must.
A dedicated tank or tanky bruiser, alongside another dps (ranged or melee), and a flex sub; no role preference.
Practice times would be between 10pm to midnight (Eastern Time) 3 days a week. (Days to be determined according to teams' needs)
A discord channel has already been setup for the team.
Message myself on discord @ Hiko#6697 or Sheep#5576 if you are interested.