Dropping out.

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While Hyper Universe has an interesting story line my interest in playing is waning, mostly due to the AI matches. While I can understand that, Ideally, peoples skills generally improve as they improve choking them off by putting them in matches with 3 AI teammates and expecting it to be fun carrying them against generally superior AIs is crazy.

I generally don't mind losing BUT when you make the dailies and achievements depend on getting wins there is little incentive to play regular games, realistically a 50% lose rate, or even AI matches. I don't have 90 min to 3 hrs a day to just get 3 wins. Let alone accrue the 10 and 50 wins needed for some of the story achievements.

A bit of gold and a few exp are just not enough reason to keep playing.


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    Why would a bit of gold and experience ever be enough reason to keep playing any game? If the game is still fun to play, then there's your reason to play. And if it's not, then why would you care about rewards in a game that you don't like anymore?