Fortress of the Guardians!

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Hey Hypers,

Many of you may have had a sneak peak of the Fortress of the Guardians map during Early Access. It was previously debuted as a separate mode in Hyper Universe. This time around, Fortress of the Guardians will be returning as a permanent map that will trigger by chance when queuing for a Random Battle. Fortress of the Guardians is a 4v4 Capture the Point map that's meant to give you a short burst of fast-paced action that will have a completely different feel than Delta Station or Dragon Refuge!

  • Objective: 4v4 Capture the Point
  • Mode: Rare chance of appearing in Random Battle during Regular or AI match
  • A new daily mission called "Daily Crit Bonus" will now appear after completing the Daily Gold mission. This mission will now grant a bonus 500 GP after winning a Fortress of the Guardians match.
  • Los Angeles (PDT): April 12 after maintenance (permanently available)
  • New York (EDT): April 12 after maintenance (permanently available)
  • Sao Paulo (BRT) April 12 after maintenance (permanently available)
  • London (BST) April 12 after maintenance (permanently available)
How it works:

Fortress of the Guardians is a multi-level Capture the Point map. Capturing shrines will reward your team points; you’ll need 100 points to secure victory.


Once the match starts you’ll have 6,000 gold to immediately spend on upgrades for your Hyper. Soon after, a random number of shrines will activate and your team will need to decide which ones to attempt to capture.


In between shrines activating for capture you’ll be able to break urns across the map for permanent buffs. Whether you stick with your team or separate is up to you. Sticking together should ensure a victory at a single shrine, but splitting up could net you more points as you cover more ground.


You also have the option of challenging one of the four guardians of the map for a temporary team-wide buff. You’ll find their icons on the minimap at the top of this post in blue, purple, red and white. The buffs are cumulative and can stack up to four times giving you and your allies a total of 20% increased attack and defense, or 5% per buff.


Tackling this map is going to require team focus and coordination. Does your team have what it takes to conquer the shrines and come out victorious?

See you on the Battlefield!

-Hyper Universe Team