V4.3 Patch Notes

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Hey Hypers,

Welcome to patch 4.3. You can read all about the changes coming to Hyper Universe below:

General Updates
New Hyper
  • Asura has joined the fight for Hyper Universe.
  • Asura is a cyborg Assassin that uses blindingly fast sword strikes to strike down his foes. You can read more about him HERE.

New Feature – Region Select
  • Region Select will now be saved once you choose your initial region. You can change it at any time by clicking the button in the top right corner of Lobby.
  • For new players or those who do not select a region, you will be defaulted to North America until a match is completed.
Custom Mode Feature - Spectate
  • In a custom match, players who are in the Pending section will be automatically placed into Spectator Mode at the beginning of a match, including "Picks and Bans" if it is Draft Mode.
  • A maximum of 4 players can be in the Spectate slots.
Controller Feature
  • We have heard your feedback! We will be reverting the cursor function added with 4.2 patch due to community feedback. Using a controller will no longer trigger the activation of the mouse cursor when the “left” or “right” buttons on the right analogue stick are pressed.

Map / Mode Change
New Mode: Domination
  • The Fortress of the Guardians map will be added into Random Battle rotation. You can read more about this HERE.
  • Fortress of the Guardians is a 4v4 Domination map.

Hyper Balance
Curse Eye

Regular Attack
  • Attack factor of regular attacks in Calm form increased to .9 from .8
  • Attack factor of regular attacks in Rage form decreased from .85 to .35
[Skill] Team Spirit
  • Base damage increased from 15 to 60
  • 60 + (Skill Level x 2) + (Attack x 0.14) + (Additional Attack x 0.06)

[Skill] Slobber Shield
  • Mana consumption increased from 35 to 45
  • Cooldown decreased from 20 seconds to 18 seconds
  • Shield duration decreased from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Shield overall health decreased by 20%
[Skill] Living Breath
  • Mana consumption increased from 25 to 35
  • Cooldown decreased from 20 seconds to 18 seconds
  • Overall healing decreased by 20%
[Skill] Stone Gaze
  • Mana cost increased from 30 to 45
  • Cooldown decreased from 20 seconds to 18 seconds
[Skill] Horrific Odor
  • Mana consumption increased from 25 to 40
  • Cooldown decreased from 20 seconds to 18 seconds
[Skill] Mood Swing
  • Mana restored decreased from 30 to 25
  • Cooldown increased to 7.5 seconds from 6 seconds
  • Upon using the Moon Swing skill, cooldown for all skills aside from Moon Swing will be reset

[Skill] Recovery Module
  • Maximum number of held and placed charges increased from 3 to 5
[Skill] EMP
  • Maximum held charges increased from 3 to 5
  • Maximum placed charges increased from 2 to 3
[Skill] Salvation Protocol
  • Activating this skill will now remove all debuff statuses from allies (bleeding, frostbitten, HP restoration decrease, etc)

[Skill] Chastise
  • Increased skill level damage factor from "Skill Level x 9" to "Skill Level x 12"
  • Increased Attack modifier from "Attack x 0.63" to "Attack x 0.83"
  • Increased Range from 960 to 1060
[Skill] Divine Blessing
  • When cast on an Ally, increased attack bonus from 10% to 15%
  • When cast on an Ally, increased amount of Defense ignored from 10% to 15%
  • When cast on an Ally, increased Attack Speed by 10%
  • When cast on herself, decreased Attack bonus from 15% to 10%
  • When cast on herself, decreased amount of enemy Defense ignored from 15% to 10%
[Skill] Blessed Heal
  • Increased base healing from 75 to 87
  • Increased skill level modifier from "Skill Level x 12" to "Skill Level x 14"
  • Increases movement speed for 2 seconds

Fixed Issues
  • Fixed an issue with Perseus skill videos not loading properly in game info.
  • Fixed an issue where Celine’s Uzuru Awakened loses a small range.
  • Improved lag issues with "Santa’s Slayer" Sapitelbub skin.
Text Fixes
  • Fixed a typo with Athena’s description having an extra letter.
  • Fixed an issue with skill descriptions not word wrapping correctly in game info.
  • Removed “Cube Exclusive” text from recolors as they can be obtained via the Cash Shop.
  • Fixed an issue with Arslan’s Pounce description saying launch instead of downing enemies.
  • Changed the description on Captain Red’s Mozer K47 from “Range 150” to say “Range +150 units”.
  • Changed the text on Victoria’s "Divine Blessing" description to mention Judgement will only activate on shamed enemies.
  • Fixed a grammar issue in Pinky’s "Bunny Girl" Skin story “A Fine Little Fairytale”.
  • Fixed the Mk.1 Invader buff displaying “Defense +30%” instead of “Defense +30” on pickup.

Known Issues
  • Players can see Lyn's "Mana Bolts" skill in Fog of War.
  • Steam controller is not automatically recognized when when the game is launched through the Nexon Launcher.
  • Game becomes unresponsive if the host of a Custom Match/Draft Pick lobby occupies a player slot and attempts to start the match while excess players are in Pending status.