FotG is a new game, not a new map.

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And having players get thrown into either a normal map or the new Fortress of the Guardians is a bad idea. It's not just not letting people pick what map they'll play; it's not letting them pick what game they'll play.

One problem with that is, as a new game, it simply isn't very good. Maybe it could potentially be good someday, but it's like having it so that when you try to queue for the game, sometimes you get the game you wanted, and sometimes it throws you into the alpha test for some wildly different game. Maybe the other game will be good someday, but if you wanted a polished game, you don't want an alpha test.

And yes, it is an alpha test, not even a beta test. Among other things, you haven't even started looking at play balance before pushing it live. The hyper balance here is wildly different from in the normal maps. In normal maps, lifesteal is very powerful on heavy damage dealers, as you can go jungling for a quick heal. Can't do that in Fortress of the Guardians. Crit-heavy builds are designed around not being terribly strong at the start, but becoming quite powerful as the match goes along. But a match that can't last that long means that they never reach their high power at the endgame. Hypers such as Sonya, Hongdukei, and Perseus rely heavily on repositioning enemy hypers to be in range of allied turrets or out of range of enemy turrets. That's largely where their value comes from, but it's completely useless on a map without turrets. Fortress of the Guardians pretty heavily devalues everything except for raw damage and the ability to survive it.

I'm not saying that you need to fix these issues one at a time. There are a lot of play balance issues that I haven't listed, or for that matter, haven't thought of. I am saying that just throwing hypers balanced for a different game entirely into Fortress of the Guardians means you're taking play balance about on par with the first time you got the game to compile and pushing that live. And I'm also saying that if the hypers were well balanced for Fortress of the Guardians, they'd be wildly unbalanced for the normal maps.

Or for a different analogy, it's like taking a bunch of football players and having them play baseball instead. Skills aren't going to transfer evenly from one sport to the next because the rules are so wildly different.

The patch notes say that Fortress of the Guardians is "rare". By "rare", they apparently means "more often than not", as that's what you've given me in 10 of the last 17 matches. I want to play a reasonably polished game, like Hyper Universe was a week ago and still is today on the normal maps. So long as you're mostly giving me a Fortress of the Guardians alpha test, that's often not available. And if I just try to abandon a match because it's the wrong game entirely, I'll be banned for half an hour or whatever. That's only slightly less catastrophic than the servers being offline entirely.

In some cases, the solution is to offer multiple games and let players choose which game they'll play. That would split the playerbase, however, and you don't have enough players to do that. Ultimately, unless you do something to get a larger playerbase, you're going to have to either kill off Fortress of the Guardians, the normal maps, or both. Or maybe put them on a rotation so that only the new game or the old one is available at a time, which means that for the players that don't like both, the game is effectively offline a large chunk of the time.