Skin Idea for Louis

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Thematically Louis is one of my favorite hyper's in the game, but all of his skins are lacking something special. So i propose a skin that takes Louis into a different more bizarre theme.

Unbreakable Louis
This skin take the something akin to josukelatest?cb=20170430080106
He wouldnt wear his massive gloves but punch with some wraps on. when he uses an ability you can have something that looks like a stand from jojos as well. of course visually you can make it look how ever but the idea is its a jojo reference. When he uses an ability he will also put his hands in his coat pockets, to show how effortless it is to beat his opponent

Passive: Louis squats down, to have his stand fix his pompadour while he heals up
A: his stand delivers the two hit combo for him while yelling a battle cry akin to ORA ORA ORA
Q: He puts his hand in his coat pockets, dashing forward as he uppercuts, his stand mimicking the action of the uppercut
W: Louis takes slow big steps for his step back, before his stand crashes forward into the punch
E: Louis crosses his arms, shaking his head as his stand mimics his actions above him (hopefully he would say something akin to "Give me a break")
R: He charges forward, his stand yelling the battle cry as the stand delivers the dempsy roll yelling ORA with every punch. this should be dramatic and very loud

Joke: stamps his foot as his stand comes out and yells "What the hell did you say about my hair!?"
Taunt: the stand comes out, and points a finger with Louis "The only reason you lost is because you pissed me off"
Laugh : Louis's stand comes out and laughs with him

As for the stand design, im not sure. you have full creative freedom over it!
i hope you see this and consider it for the game, thank you!