Merging Regular and Ranked Queue After 15 Minutes

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edited May 1, 2018 in Suggestions and Feedback
This could greatly expedite the queue times in the current state of Hyper Universe.

I know there will be a lot of mixed opinions on this as it is a matter of quantity vs quality.

I am not sure how I feel about it myself but want to hear what others think. I do think it's a good approach for a low populated game with dreadful queue times.

The conditions and details of how the merging would work can be seen below.


When queue time exceeds 15 minutes on both ends, (ranked and regular) the search will expand and only those 2 queues will be merged.

Players who were queued for regular will always be the ones who get merged into the ranked game, however, to them it is basically a regular draft pick game. No effect to their RP.

Regular queued players will be incentivized to play harder if merged into a draft pick game, as all GP and Hyper EXP rewards for winning will be doubled.

Ranked players will not lose any RP upon defeat if a regular queued player was on their team.

Only 50% RP gain or loss for a victory or defeat if a regular queued player was on the opposing team.

Duo's, 3, and 4 stacks will not be permitted into merged queues.