Dr. Schmidt Experiments on Hyper Universe!

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Hey Hypers,

Get ready to be a part of Dr. Schmidt’s experiments! Dr. Schmidt is a mischievous Support capable of buffing your allies and poisoning your enemies. Dr. Schmidt will be added to the game as part of our 4.4 patch on May 10th.

[h1]Skill Overview:[/h1]
Passive - Gene Sample
  • Grants a chance for enemy Hypers to drop a gene sample when they die. Collecting the sample lets Dr. Schmidt use Gene Enhancement once more.
Chemical Toss (A)
  • Throws a medicine bottle to do damage and lower the enemy’s attack.

Nerve Injector (Q)
  • Pierces the enemy in front with a giant syringe to do damage and lower their Move Speed. Infected enemies suffer additional effects.

Poison Infusion (W)
  • Uses a gas mask to release deadly poison that restores Dr. Schmidt’s Health, does damage, and poisons the enemies nearby. Infected enemies are slowed on top of taking even more damage over time.

Toxin Zone (E)
  • Creates a toxin zone for a short time, applying enhanced effects to Dr. Schmidt and weakening effects on enemies.

Gene Enhancement (R)
  • Consumes one of the collected samples to permanently enhance himself or an allied Hyper.

[h1]Using Dr. Schmidt’s Skills Effectively:[/h1]
Dr. Schmidt relies on the players’ map awareness above all else. In order to effectively support your team you will need to utilize his Gene Sample skill as much as possible. This means moving around the map each time you see that your team has killed an enemy Hyper to check for a gene sample. You can stack up to 20 collected at a time but you’ll quickly burn through them as you activate his ultimate skill Gene Enhancement. Each time you activate Gene Enhancement you will be able to boost a specific stat for an ally. While you are moving around the map, you’ll want to use skills like Chemical Toss and Poison Infusion to slow down and weaken enemies, enabling your team to pick up easy kills. The key to being successful as Dr. Schmidt is not to sit in one place too long. He excels at moving around the map creating opportunities for your team, so keep that in mind!

[h1]Recommended Build:[/h1]
Superior Gene Sample, Mystery Bottle, Executioner’s Cleaver, Medic System, Shock Knuckles, Blue Hyper Ring

Dr. Schmidt is no front line attacker. He relies on staying out of harm’s way whenever possible. To that end, you'll want to build him with as much Defense and Max Health as you can find. The first of his unique items that you’ll want to buy is Mystery Bottle. This item will increase the detrimental effects when it hits enemies and allow you to use it more often, thus enabling more opportunities for your team to take down an enemy Hyper. Superior Gene Sample not only raises the chances of your passive triggering on an enemy, but also provides a Gold and Defense bonus to Dr. Schmidt. Executioner’s Cleaver provides a nice damage buff for when you are poisoning the enemies repeatedly at range. The rest of the items such as Medic System, Shock Knuckles, and the Blue Hyper Ring provide a good mix of both Defense and Offense. You can also build him with movement speed and cooldown reduction if you are feeling adventurous, so get out there and build something interesting!

Not sure what to build? As always, you can hop into our Discord to discuss itemization with other players.

[h1]Skin Preview[/h1]
Original Skin - Mad Scientist

Recolor Skin - Mad Surgeon

Mastery Skin - Crazed Junkie

Premium Skin - Plague Doctor

You can blast into the battlefield with Dr. Schmidt for a mere 15,000 GP or use a Hyper Coupon, which you can earn by leveling up and playing games.

Remember: The Doctor Is IN!

~Hyper Universe Team