v4.4 Patch Notes

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Hey Hypers,

Welcome to patch 4.4. You can read all about the changes coming to Hyper Universe below:

[h1]General Updates[/h1]
New Hyper
  • Dr. Schmidt has joined the fight for Hyper Universe.
    • Dr. Schmidt is a support Hyper that can provide permanent buffs to his teammates for the round.
    • Read more about Dr. Schmidt HERE.
  • Rank Decay has been removed. 
Controller Feature
  • We have improved controllers once again. The cursor should automatically disappear while in game and pings can be made via the right joystick. 

[h1]Hyper Balance[/h1]


Regular Attack
  • Attack and heal range reduced from 1100 units to 950 units.
[Skill] EMP Trap
  • Max charges reduced from 5 to 4
  • Trap duration reduced from 60 seconds to 35 seconds
[Skill] Salvation Protocol
  • Now affects all allies including Elendis
  • Reduced the overall healing.

Tooth and Tops

[Skill] Twice as Loud
  • Enemy movement speed reduced from 40% to 30%
  • Attack and Defense bonuses increased from 3% and 4% to 5%

[Skill] Princely Pummel
  • Regular attack increased from 22 to 25
[Skill] Horn Bash
  • Cooldown decreased from 12 seconds to 11 seconds

[Skill] Feast of Blood
  • Health consumption upon activation decreased from 20% to 10% of current health

[Skill] Bear Trap
  • Max held traps increased from 3 to 4
  • Trap charge time increased from 35 seconds to 38 seconds

[h1]Equipment Balance[/h1]

Duality [Unique to Curse Eye]

Stats (Stage 4)
  • Cooldown reduction removed
  • Attack increased by 45 on final stage

Precision Rail Gun (Shared Equipment)

Exclusive Effect (Stage 4)
  • Health activation threshold decreased from 100% to 90%
[h1]Fixed Issues[/h1]
  • The announcement for "Enemy Engaged" will no longer play when Perseus attacks the jungle monsters in Delta Station.
  • In a Custom Match for Draft Pick, the match will now properly start even if the Host starts a match while there's players pending in queue.
Text Fixes
  • The text description for Jennifer's 'Hyper Crash' has been updated to confirm the skill can be interrupted.
  • The title for the story 'Tooth and Tops Level 2 Report' no longer has a spelling error.
  • Gulunba's skill, War Chief's Presence, will now correctly reference Attack instead of Defense Penetration in the tooltip.