Refer-a-friend: Bonus for Newcomers

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The refer-a-friend links are nice for the referrer, but something should be given to the new player when using one of those links too. If I try to tell a stranger about Hyper Universe, it just appears to them as shady and bland when asking them to use my link for no reason on their part. The landing page for the referral links doesn't do the game any justice in my opinion so I would resort to sending game play trailers that actually show the in game HUD and doesn't look like it's affiliated with Disney.

Perhaps give new players an extra 15,000 GP or an extra free hyper coupon at level 7 for registering through a refer-a-friend link. It would be much easier to pitch the game at new players when I can say something like "Let me know if you decide to try it, I got a referral link that will start you with an extra 15,000 GP." instead of "Hey use my link just because... it helps me.. not you.. I'm shady..."