so what do those 30-50 daily players do at all?

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I have been trying to get matched with people for 3 days now, I even waited queues as long as 30 minutes but nothing, I haven't managed to play a single match that wasn't against bots. This brings up the question: what do those 30-50 daily players do if they can't play the game at all? farm cubes with AI bots?
what's the point?


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    HyperDead wrote: »
    what's the point?

    There is none. I'm not even kidding - There is literally no point to that behavior.

    One could argue that they at least make the game seem being alive somehow but that'd be very far streched I guess.
    The only way to get into a few matches is at certain NA-times on the NA-server.
    For EU-players simply not supportable.