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Hi, it's my first time speaking here, so I do not know if my message will have the reach I want, but it does not cost anything to try.

Before going straight to the point I will explain my relationship with this game and how I took the initiative to ask for help in the forum ...
I knew Hyper Universe by exploring a wish list on Steam, it was love at first sight, especially for characters designs and action style. I searched during nights all about the game, inspirations, teasers, scheduled dates, keys giveaways and anything that would bring me closer to experiencing the gameplay.

Finally at the end of last year I got an early access and I met a community from my country who played a lot with me, I made many friends online that I still keep in touch.
Unfortunately that fun did not last long and that's what I want to talk about in this post, the game is with very few active players.
In one week logging in the most I've seen online were 36 people, also I spend 46 minutes in a queue for a regular match on the South America server and did not find ANYONE.

I'm sure this is not the first time a player complains about this, but I do not want to give up. I love this game so much and I divulge whenever I can, but I am not influential enough to increase the playerbase. I like NEXON, I usually do not get disappointed, but with Hyper Universe it seems like they don't give a damn about popularity. I don't understand, they made so much propaganda about the launch of Maple Story 2, it reached thousands of people who didn't even know the first Maple. As for Hyper, the highest peak of players was in early 2018, right now we barely reached 100 people online. Its so SAD!
I'm from South America and I want more content !! I want more advertisement about the game! I want to find a match in less than 5 minutes! Please, Nexon, help me to help you! Make this MOBA have the reach it deserves... Don't let it face the same destiny that Master x Masters did.

My final question is: How did we got in this situation? Was that censorship thing? Is there anything me and others players can do to ressurect the game?? Let me know, please, i want to find a match in less than 8 minutes!
Thanks for reading.


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    Censorship was a big one. You can't tell just western players that they are little kids that need to be walked by the hand, it is offensive. That did lots and lots of damage that will be hard to repair at this time. Another is the game is not welcoming to newcomers as the game can switch up the difficulty really fast and lacks content (not enough stages to keep people going, AI mode gets monotonous and pretty much they isolated the game to competitive gamers... who have much better choices of games to play. What else is done wrong here that hurts the game, rewards for recruitment, that is a very scummy action to get people to play the game. I personally think if the game is good and has a good amount of content it will make it easier to recruit people and keep people playing. Lastly it is the overpriced skins. Since most other games, like Overwatch for example, has cheaper skins. So this game really fails at the marketing and product department that have no idea how to please the western audience. They will need to fire those people and hire the right people and restructure everything at this point, I doubt they will do that, so you will get used to seeing a decline of players as time goes by, just like games like Friday the 13th, games that had a good idea, but failed to deliver. A new game will come up and this game will stop being supported, take note of that.
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    I was part of the beta tests, i liked this game at first because i've been playing some NEXON games for a while now (mostly Vindictus) and i always look a little more into other games with similar art style and found this one, i did liked it a lot, however, seems like the publisher doesn't give a damn about this game, they just published this game and threw it into the wild and that's it, they don't seem to even peep once in a while (well, they did for XONE release) to see how things are going, and it surprises me, since maintaining a game like this costs A LOT of money:
    *Servers (rent or owned, owned means they could've used those for most successful games, or even internal tests, so those cost them money they could be earning, not to mention the power bill)
    *Developers fees
    *R&D (which features could we add, what do the players want(1))
    *Social Media management (same as owned servers, if who is managing social media is already an employee, even if it's 20 mins, they could use those 20 mins to be more productive in their other most pressing matters)

    My point with that is that yeah, this game is costing them a lot, i doubt a 50ish-100ish daily community could actually generate enough income for the game to be profitable, and if a game is not profitable for a company their best bet is to shut it down (yeah, sounds harsh, and honestly i wouldn't want this to happen, but i would like them to reach a point where the investors really get mad and start firing people and hiring more capable people, because this could mean a huge loss for investors).

    Almost a year ago i made this post: where basically i asked community managers and also the devs if they had any plan ongoing for spreading the world about the game, or to put it this way, i hoped for them to "break the silence" and get closer to the (small) playerbase and have some sort of cooperation for them to spread the world together, before there was a in-house HU tournament with nexon teams, but nobody cared (not even myself), that is just a bad strategy, instead they should try to "imitate" what successful games are doing, get close to mid-large youtube channels (exclude biggest YT channels, they have their image established, their public and they won't risk those to promote a game they don't even believe in), make a tournament, cater to a specific audience and have them give the game a try, do a campaign so they can learn what the game lacks and how to make it solid.

    Regarding your last question, i wouldn't really say it's just censorship alone, yes, it hurt the game a lot (i am still 100% anti-censorship), some people started to go nuts over the censorship creating a online battle between pro and anti censorship (let's be honest, that battle somehow became a nonsense battle of rage), IMO what really created this situation was:

    *Publisher looking for game's "public image" with hopes to become mainstream and E-Sport disregarding real fans (also they aren't Blizzard or Epic Games, they can't just make a game and say "this will be E-Sports game", they have to understand where they stand at, how most players see their company and their games and try to aim a little bit lower, but make it escalate gradually, until after some years it actually becomes E-Sport)

    *Publisher listening to the wrong people and submitting to SJWs demands (let's be honest, almost every asian game that comes to the west gets censored before even entering and after that still gets bashed by SJWs for being "TOO OFFENSIVE", looks like companies don't have enough guts to confront angry internet mobs, that's the reason of why nowadays any twitter rant can make just anyone lose their job)

    *Publisher not listening to their fans/real playerbase (this is the most important i think, some players suggested censorship toggle; they even took censorship to
    Korea, and Korean fans got angry too; some of us alpha testers requested a KR voice toggle, they didn't even cared; i see a lot of fans making amazing suggestions for maps, characters, skins, etc. but not even a Nexon employee saying "Sounds nice, keep it up" even if they don't consider that suggestion)

    Sorry for my wall-post (i usually tend to do those), but as an aspiring game developer myself i like to analyze in-depth about the business model of games and i think this is mostly what i've seen about this one, i did liked it, but i don't really feel motivated to log in and play a couple matches (specially with bots vs bots)