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Problem: I have spent 20+ minutes on queue to complete the House Of Mysteries on normal to earn the 5 cubes before I finally give up. I have noticed that the server population has dropped significantly.

Proposed solution: make easy changes to lure more people in to increase server population.

steps to accomplish the proposed solution:
- Move all stages into all modes, including AI. Without content it is VERY hard to bring people in, and not every player likes competition, a large majority likes to play and chill against AI. One VERY easy way to bring in back the content.
- Allow for adult owners of the game to child control the game and bring back the adult content that was censored. Give them the choice, westerns DO NOT like to be treated as babies, look at all the negative feedback it got because of it on Steam, I almost did not purchased the game because of it, thankfully I found out there was a mod to uncensor the game back. Kids are not the ones that make the money, adults are, adults buy whatever they want when they want it.
- The hyper skins are WAY too pricey, and that turns off people. So far I have purchased 3 skins, so you made 28$ out of me, those are skins I REALLY REALLY liked. If the price of the skins are half the price I would have purchased 10 by now that I like. So you do the math 28$ compared to 50$(5$ per skin for unique). And that is not just me, everyone else would too and you guys will not look like some greedy game company that turns people away. Even major AAA titles do not charge that much for skins.
- Unique skins or rewards are not a way to manipulate people in recruiting players, players should be able to recruit other players just because the game is good and has enough content. Those scummy practices may work on steam that a single player can create thousands of accounts using multiple free email providers. It is not honest and really leaves a bad taste, that also turns people away. Bring the content and people will come.
- Add special stages that are not for those competitive players, like a Raid Boss stage that will take pros about 15 to 20 minutes to kill, and not so experience players may take them twice as much or fail. I have some pretty good ideas for those. Also Add rogue 2D side scroller metroidvania type stages, a perfect example Rogue Legacy game. Maybe Castlevanya Harmony of Dissonance type co-op mode. Add single player time modes. You have so many possibilities on content that can be added that is not just hypers.

Conclusion: I want you guys to make money, and I want this game to be successful. If you guys follow through and make it easy for me to recruit people in, then I can bring tons of players in. I have a steam account lvl 15 with tons of friends and I work IT and all my coworkers are gamers also, so I can bring people in. Just make it easy for me, as it is I tried getting a few people and they stopped playing within a few days. It is too monotonous playing AI mode with only one stage, and then they can't play other modes because the queues are too high or when they finally get in they get creamed by pros. See what I am getting at? The game is not welcoming at all, but it does has potential.

Wish you the best. Cheers!