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First of all, my thanks to all involved with Hyper Universe. It is a very fun game! Well, to my comment, which is intended to the developers. I have had fun with the game during the preview/beta stage and since official release. I however, find that connecting to the game server can be tedious at times due to constant under maintenance prompt. Also, finding a game where every connects before running out of time to start the search again can be annoying at times. I also find the spawn times too long when it hits more than 10 seconds. I want to play and not just look at my screen waiting to spawn. Spawning should be the same at all times for everyone no matter when in the game a Hyper character dies. Power ups are very under powered which, defeats the purpose of being/feeling Supernatural and it takes long to get due to gold costs. Towers are overpowered (not the base towers) and often lead to games lasting 15/30 minutes minimum. It is challenging and exhilarating in some games, but for the most part inconvenient length of matches for players with limited time to enjoy your game. Also it causes the match to drag on and on.

Cost for more Hypers and non-game play altering cosmetics is fair (in game money) and rewards/challengers are as well. Now to my last part and the most frustrating one, the penalty system for idling or disconnecting (purposely or not). I am not a fan of bans unless absolutely necessary due to threats of harm or other toxic behavior that is repetitive. Time suspensions are more acceptable, even as a paying customer, as long as they are well balanced with the action committed and the number of times it occurs and that a warning (or several) is provided before action is enforced to give a chance to rectify behavior or even challenge it if need be due to someone else having taken over an account (unknown to the account holder in question). I noticed that your game suspended me for idling one time (...and only one time) when I received a business phone call a few days ago while in a match.

I understand that for a few minutes I was not any help to my team, but at least I was not dying since I was on our spawn tower top (a game we ended winning anyhow!). My comment about this would be that maybe a way to allow players the freedom to join and leave as they please and allow automatic player fill up to matches missing players, at least on non-ranked matches. This will avoid unnecessary "timeouts" for people that may get distracted for myriads of reasons even if the get auto kicked for idling too long. I started to observe this approach from many developers in many games that has become a norm, and I am getting away from supporting such games for these reasons and a few others, due to the fact that there is other better and more constructive ways to achieve balanced and fun games. Again, I took the time to comment so, I hope that it gets taken as positive constructive criticism for a game that not only I like, but want to see it do well for others to enjoy! Thank you again for your time and keep up the outstanding work!