L up button doesn't work

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I just installed the game and i already noticed a major bug. I really want to play the game with my friends but it is impossible because the up on the L stick does not register to climb up the ladder nor if i want to support a teammate and i have to press up on the left stick it will not do anything but my down will work perfectly fine i can also go down ladders and platforms but i can not go up i am playing on the xbox one i changed the button configuration it doesn't work i even uninstalled and installed 4 times already and it still does not work but my friends who play on the xbox is not having this issue. Can someone please tell me how to fix it PLEASE i really want to play the game thank you so much for your help


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    Hey Incapacitate54_,

    We're very sorry you're experiencing this issue. We have already taken note of the bug and we're aiming to have it patched before mid-September.